In our designs we combine Italian sensitivity and British expertise. We always engage with the surrounding environment, offering high quality solutions to our Clients requirements. We use an advanced software, Autodesk Revit, which allows us to create three-dimensional models of our projects and produce realistic visuals which help our Clients to easily understand our proposals. We can produce designs in any style that is requested, from contemporary to vernacular.
We collaborate with Holmewood Interiors to offer our Clients, free of charge, realistic visuals of their ideal Kitchens.
We take pride in building collaborative relationships with the Planning Authorities. In Horsham we have already won about ten Planning Consents, and we are establishing solid relationships with several Councils in Sussex, Surrey and London. We guide our Clients towards proposals that are likely to receive Approval, and once issued a Planning Application we start conversations with the Planners, conversations which are aimed to achieve a final project which is as close as possible to our Clients’ aspirations.
Once a project has achieved Planning Consent, or if it is Permitted Development, we produce a Building Regulations Set which will be examined and eventually approved by Building Control. We can engage with Local Authorities or, if the Contractor suggests so, we can register the project with a private Approved Inspector. We can provide our Clients with quotes from trusted local Structural Engineers, and we coordinate our drawings with the information provided by them. Our Building Regulations Set can eventually be used by our Clients as basis for a Tender Set to select their Contractor.
We can offer a Project Managing service. The Client might wish to supervise the activity of the Contractor through our own experience of site construction. We would attend site with regularity and report the construction progress to our Client. We would include this service in our quote only after explicit request from the Client.
We can design gardens in any style requested by our Clients and offer experienced advise if requested. We have extensive knowledge of plants, materials and layouts and can provide original solutions which will enhance the look of any garden. We enjoy playing with light and shade effects, using traditional or exotic features, and have achieved quite dramatic effects in several projects.